Tonya Brown


Hi! My name is Tonya and for the past few years I have been driven by my passion for helping others. Right after college I landed a job that did well for me practically. It was lucrative and busy, but it wasn’t good for myself or for others. I eventually left the job when I realized I wanted to be a bigger part of this world. I went to college (again!) and attained a Psychology degree to further my efforts. I eventually began writing and supporting those within the magical community.

Tonya: The Author and Witch

As the Editor for Witch Way Magazine it is safe to say my schedule is constantly hectic and overwhelming. However, in 2018 I was approached by a publisher and they wanted me to write a book! I didn’t know if it was something I could do, however I buckled down, grit my teeth, and wrote The Door to Witchcraft. A little secret few knew was before I was approached to write my book I began helping my good friend Michael fulfill his dreams and began editing and publishing. I now host a podcast The Witch Daily Show, as well as have one in the works, I actively work on publishing, and am finding my own voice with writing.