Michael Herkes

The Glam Witch

Michael Herkes is a current resident of Chicago, IL and has been a practicing modern witch for eighteen years. In Michael's solitary practice, he works exclusively with the goddess Lilith and has given lectures on her in various cities across the United States.

Michael is well versed in photography, drawing, and painting, and has received technical training in multimedia design. Starting as a lead photographer at the legendary Glamour Shots portrait studio out of high school, he has been drenched in aesthetic ever since and helps to create art through beauty, fashion, and confidence.

Michael is also an experienced tarot reader and has led various lectures on tarot at the Chicago occult and metaphysical supply shop Alchemy Arts, along with reading at select events such as The Red Party in Chicago and Festival of Witches in Sleepy Hollow, New York.

Michael crafts a variety of candles, oils, and other magical goods out of his home. He is a regular contributor to Witch Way Magazine, has been a featured blogger for Fire and Lux, and frequent guest to OPH Podcast. For more information, please visit: www.theglamwitch.com.