Michael Herkes

The Glam Witch

Michael Herkes (Chicago), also known as "The Glam Witch," has been a practicing modern witch for more than twenty years. He is a devotee to the goddess Lilith and focuses his practice on astrology, crystals, glamour, love, moon, and sex magic. Michael is the author of numerous books on witchcraft, including The GLAM Witch, The Complete Book of Moon Spells, Witchcraft for Daily Self-Care, Love Spells for the Modern Witch, Moon Spells for Beginners, and Astrology for Witches. A nationwide speaker, Michael has presented at festivals such as Gather the Witches, Hexfest, and WitchCon, in addition to being featured in an exhibit on display at the Buckland Museum of Witchcraft in Cleveland, Ohio. Additionally, Michael offers astrological and tarot reading services through his website. To learn more and book an appointment visit theglamwitch.com.