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The Answer You Are Looking For Is Yes

Within the pages of Witch Way Magazine are tales of magic and witchcraft, love and romance, creatures and spells. A mystical anthropologist desperate to find his lost brother trips and falls into another realm; a witch forced to return to her remote hometown gets trapped with the man she's pretending to date; a journalist banished to an island by her ex turns out to have a fair hand at babysitting monsters; a preternaturally lucky Millennial politician falls for her problematically unlucky neighbor; and a disgruntled tech employee uncovers a surprising secret while seeking revenge on her not-so-altruistic boss.

From fiction contributor Olivie Blake, these stories of paranormal romance, adventure, humor, and misdeeds once exclusive to Witch Way Magazine are available to own for the first time, along with a new story written specifically for the collection.


Book of 100 Love Spells

Witch Way Writers

There are a lot of misconceptions about love magic. Many people think love and their mind gutters to romance and sex. Love is more than that. It is love for family, friends, lovers, self, and pets. It is about courage, healing, and confidence. From rituals, charms, recipes, affirmations, and tips we offer over 100 ways you can bring love into your life.
The power of love is alive! Diverse in practice and style, 100 Love Spells is a compendium of love magic brought to you from various witches and authors of Witch Way Magazine. Packed with practical magic for the novice and expert alike, this book offers a bit of magic for all the world's love witches.


Kiki Dombrowski

This greatly expanded second edition offers extended interpretations, additional reflective passages, and even more choices of curious divination to try. Learn different methods for awakening your psychic abilities to support your exploration into divination. Learn how to scry, use dowsing rods, read tea leaves, work with Runes, see auras, decipher omens in clouds, and much more. A Curious Future can help you move forward onto a mystical and inspiring path!


The GLAM Witch

Lilith has been feared, worshiped, analyzed, and dissected by many, yet she remains an enigma cloaked in a riddle of witchcraft. Today, she has found a place of elevation as a quintessential goddess in an array of occult practices, revered for her fierce independence, carnal appetite, and thirst for equality. THE GLAM WITCH plants the practice of modern witchcraft in Lilith's garden of glittery fruit. Laid out over a sparkling assemblage of chapters, a modern mystic will explore the theory, practice, and lifestyle of the Great Lilithian Arcane Mysteries (GLAM).

  • Learn Lilith's story and how to apply her archetype to a magical path.

  • Open your third eye to intuition with signs and synchronicity.

  • Discover Lilith's astrological significance to help navigate the shadow self.

  • Witch-craft a glamour poppet for attraction and beauty.

  • Embrace your sexuality to harness power through orgasm.

  • Neutralize negativity with the application of bitchcraft.

Loaded with spells and rituals to cultivate confidence, sizzle with sensuality, and stand up to adversity, THE GLAM WITCH is a guide to spiritual empowerment and establishing unapologetic authenticity through magical means.


La Petite Mort

After the death of her estranged grandmother, Marisa Marrero finds herself bequeathed a surprising inheritance: a house in the New Orleans French Quarter, left to her with a variety of bizarre conditions attached. Among the surprising consequences of Marisa's acceptance is a friendship with a man called Jack St. Germaine, an alleged alchemist who may or may not be hiding a questionable history, and a series of encounters with Elisabeth Clavier, a vampire known for hunting mortals for sport. As Marisa struggles with who to trust, she leans towards Jack, especially after a demon arrives at her doorstep claiming Elisabeth was the one who sent him. But when Marisa's power grows and Jack can no longer provide her answers, a night with Elisabeth leaves Marisa wondering if she made the right choice.

This novella was originally published in Witch Way Magazine. It is a love letter to the vampire culture that is healthy and active in the crescent city.


Tutty Learns About Witches

Tonya A. Brown

Author Tonya A. Brown write a children's book to help parents introduce kids to the witches in their lives.