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La Petite Mort, The Answer You Are Looking For is Yes

Olivie Blake is the author of the novels Masters of Death, Lovely Tangled Vices, and One For My Enemy, story anthologies Fairytales of the Macabre, Midsummer Night Dreams, and The Lovers Grim, and the graphic series Alpha, with artist Little Chmura. She writes fantasy and science fiction and enjoys absurdist humor, inadvisable heists, and background political turmoil with an afternoon cup of Earl Grey.

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Editor, Tutty Learns About Witches, The Hectic Witch's Planner, Evolution of a Witch

As the Editor for Witch Way Magazine it is safe to say my schedule is constantly hectic and overwhelming. However, in 2018 I was approached by a publisher and they wanted me to write a book! I didn’t know if it was something I could do, however I buckled down, grit my teeth, and wrote The Door to Witchcraft. A little secret few knew was before I was approached to write my book I began helping my good friend Michael fulfill his dreams and began editing and publishing. I now host a podcast The Witch Daily Show, as well as have one in the works, I actively work on publishing and am finding my own voice with writing.


A Curious Future

Kiki Dombrowski is a spiritual researcher and explorer who has spent her life studying mythology, magic, tarot, witchcraft, and the supernatural. She has a Master’s Degree in Medieval English from the University of Nottingham and a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Creative Writing from Southern Connecticut State University.


Michael Herkes (Chicago), also known as "The Glam Witch," has been a practicing modern witch for more than twenty years. He is a devotee to the goddess Lilith and focuses his practice on astrology, crystals, glamour, love, moon, and sex magic. Michael is the author of numerous books on witchcraft, including The GLAM Witch, The Complete Book of Moon Spells, Witchcraft for Daily Self-Care, Love Spells for the Modern Witch, Moon Spells for Beginners, and Astrology for Witches. A nationwide speaker, Michael has presented at festivals such as Gather the Witches, Hexfest, and WitchCon, in addition to being featured in an exhibit on display at the Buckland Museum of Witchcraft in Cleveland, Ohio. Additionally, Michael offers astrological and tarot reading services through his website. To learn more and book an appointment visit theglamwitch.com.


The Hectic Witch's Planner

Amanda is a writer, artist, and mother who resides in a small New Hampshire town with her two sons and two cats. She is a Pagan Priestess who serves her community through her writing. She is passionate about the magic of life, as it's the magic of life that inspires her work.